Dr. Drew Collins ND, San Diego Clinic of Integrative Medicine, La Mesa, CA

"One of our medical assistants was having some ongoing blood sugar Challenges.   She tried many supplements and diet but she was still finding her blood sugar often climbing up over 150 mg/dl.   After a couple of months taking just 2 of the GinST 15 capsules a day, she found her blood glucose setting to around 100.  She is ecstatic."


Dr. Joseph Carr DC, Carr Chiropractic, Tustin, CA

"I have used Ilhwa Ginseng for over 30 years. It is by far the best Ginseng.  I have compared it to the Ginseng from many other companies and they simply do not compare.  You can even taste the difference.  I only recommend Ilhwa Ginseng to my patients.  When they purchase other brands they do not get the same results.  I use only Ilhwa Ginseng for myself, my family, and my patients."


Dr. Paul Greenbaum, Portland, OR

"I have found a majority of my patients have adrenal stress challenges.  With stressful life styles and environmental factors as well as the over consumption of caffeine Adrenal Stress has become a common and serious problem.  As a chiropractor, acupuncturist and herbalist I have developed custom protocols for my patients.  I have tried many different herb and supplement combinations.  For solving stress related issues I have found nothing that works as effectively as Ilhwa Korean Ginseng.  I tried various types of Ginseng from various producers, but they simply are not as effective as Ilhwa Ginseng.  It has been remarkable to me to experience how Ilhwa Ginseng simply works far more effectively for my patients.  I am now using GinST 15 with my patients."