CRI has been established to foster research, education, training and the dissemination of information on chronic and aging disorders and how natural nutritional supplements and non invasive protocols can support optimizing wellness in a clinic environment.  We believe that the future of medicine lies within the field of Bio Energy Medicine and Epigenetics.  The first major project of the Institute was to find a very powerful adaptogen for which the bioenergetics would be conducive to support the body's own regenerative capability.


As a result of our research the Institute decided to begin with the study of Ginseng in clinical applications.  Ginseng has been widely used as a natural medicine for over 2,000 years.  Since the discovery and fractionalization of plant saponins unique to Ginseng called Ginsenosides, volumes of Ginseng clinical studies have been performed.  There are more published clinical trials on Ginseng than any other herb.  Ginseng has been shown both in clinic applications and clinical studies to have a major effect in supporting wellness working synergistically with many clinical protocols.

Ginseng is considered by many herbalist and health practitioners to be the optimal adaptogen.  An adaptogen aids the body to create homeostatic balance and resist the affects of stress.  Ginseng has been used as the central herbal supplement for health practitioners for 2,000 years of recorded medical history.  Ginseng is reported to provide excellent clinical results with a remarkably broad range of health conditions.  Some of the conditions doctors have found success with using Ginseng as a dietary supplement as part of their protocol include Adrenal stress and related conditions, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Allergies, Hepatitis, infectious diseases, impotency and inflammation.  Ginseng has been presented in many medical journals:  The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, National Diabetes Foundation, and the Congress on Bio-Energy Medicine represent just a few in the West and the preponderance of clinical research has been done in Japan, Korea and China.


Ginseng has an excellent record for non toxicity evidenced by numerous studies over the last 40 years.  Dr. Joanna Thompson Coon and Dr. Edzard Ernst published a peer reviewed systematic study in 2002;  "Panax Ginseng:  A Systematic Review of Adverse Effects and Drug Interactions".

"This review was conducted as a systematic attempt to document and evaluate all the available safety data on Panax Ginseng Root Extract."  Their conclusion was:  "Data from clinical trials suggest that the incidence of adverse events with Ginseng monopreparations is similar to that with placebo".

As with all nutritional supplements and medical food everything is dose dependant and depends on the patient.


Although consistent benefits have been reported, there are contradictory results from different studies.  It is suggested that this may be due to the wide variety and levels of quality and efficacy of the Ginseng used in the tests.  In recent years we noted a particular problem has occurred where products have been created by functionalizing ginsenosides from stems and plants to increase the percentage of ginsenosides.  This is a problem since the remarkable adaptogenic affect of Ginseng comes from a combination of all the ingredients found in the whole root not only the ginsenosides.  A pharmaceutical grade whole root Ginseng product was needed to truly assess the role of Ginseng as an effective dietary supplement to assist doctors in their protocols for the treatment and prevention of disease.

The Clinic Research Institute is creating a longitudinal study on the effects of Ginseng as a supplement in clinical practice by using high quality pharmaceutical grade of whole root Ginseng extract.  Our hypothesis is that by providing a high grade and high quality pure whole root Ginseng dietary supplement to doctors for use in their clinical practice we would find a consistent range of therapeutic benefits for a broad range of health conditions.  This would support doctors to assist their patient and support the results found in clinical studies and case study reports from doctors throughout the world.  We are establishing a growing number of study sites with health care practitioners and we are looking to consistently expand.  Our goal is to provide this information to doctors so that they can share best practices in using a whole root pharmaceutical grade of Ginseng as a dietary supplement to help their patients to optimize their wellness.


In our search to find the optimum Ginseng Product and Ginseng Product Manufacturer we first had to decide on what type of Ginseng would be the best choice.  In conclusion we choose Koran Ginseng.  Korean Ginseng provides the broadest range of Ginsenosides (plant saponins the active ingredient).  Among Korean Ginseng manufacturers we searched to find a company that could provide a whole root Ginseng product that was already in use and respected by doctors as being efficacious in their clinic experience.  We were also looking for a company that could provide a pharmaceutical grade of consistent quality and efficacy.  We discovered  in our research that Fermented Ginseng showed to be the most promising due to its high absorption and consistent absorption.  In the end, we chose a  company that could provide a whole root Ginseng harvested at 4-5 years and then extracted to a concentrate and finally fermented to increase absorption.  It was also important that the delivery would be in a gel cap form for consistent and measurable usage.


We would like to welcome you to test Ginseng with your patients. We will ship to you the fermented high absorption whole root Ginseng gel caps and request that you do a study with 3 of your patients.  A study period is one month for each subject.  We are simply requesting that you use this herbal supplement as a dietary support protocol in combination of your overall treatment protocol with your patients.  The patient will complete a before and after survey and a weekly report on their results.  In the final report please include all other aspects of your treatment protocol you used with your patients.  If you feel these products have been successful, you and your patient(s) may continue the study for additional month(s)


CRI is available to answer questions and provide information on its work.  We can also help an organization, agency or individual who is interested in learning more about disease and aging, and how natural products can make a major contribution to health and the aging process.  We are available for formal presentations and speaking engagements.

Clinics that are interested in participating to test this high efficacious, high absorption Ginseng can contact us.  We will send you information about becoming a study site and the required protocol.

We look forward to a continuous relationship as partners in improving the health of people suffering from chronic health and aging problems.  Your participation is greatly appreciated in these studies and will help us learn more about the benefits of natural products and non invasive treatment protocols for optimizing health and wellness.